Date: 5/1/19 7:44 pm
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Subject: [obol] Deschutes county, ECAS Wednesday - Millican valley in the sage

15 birders enjoyed the day starting with our ritual in spring at the
lek, although 16 degrees at the start was cold! Two male Sage Grouse
displayed in the far distance but flew off early due to a coyote
stalking them. We left then, even before the songbirds started to sing
around the lek.

Sage Thrashers were in full song at many stops. Kudos to David Gutt who
was first to find a Pinyon Jay. Eventually 130 passed by us calling
raucously of course. Despite the diminishing habitat in the area, we had
good birding on this windy day. Red Crossbills and Cassin's Finches were
plentiful at Pumice Springs. Lots of water, both ponds were full and
accordingly, lots of birds. Thanks to Milt for ebirding all day, to Paul
and Nancy for hauling out the scopes many times, to all for the good
humor although I was the Debby Downer at times, grousing re declining #
of Grouse and large burned areas etc. Or so our very wise group claimed.
Little notes below beside some birds on the list indicate location etc.
BTW, emergency fuel at Brothers Cafe Station is available for $10 per
gallon! Any price works when one is driving on fumes.

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Mallard - over highway
Sage Grouse - 2 males strutting their stuff
Turkey Vulture
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 2, 1 Pumice Spr, 1 Moffett Rd
Cooper's Hawk
Red-tailed Hawk
American Kestrel - more than a dozen out there. Thanks to the
Kestrel nest box volunteers!
Prairie Falcon - Toni w good ID photo, per her usual skill.
Killdeer - pair Camp Creek wet area
Rock Dove
Eurasian Collared-Dove
Mourning Dove
Lewis' Woodpecker - Pumice Springs, flew over area
Williamson's Sapsucker - seen by only a few, edge of pines
Northern Flicker
Gray Flycatcher - 1 seen by everyone, in Pauls scope. It was
dipping tail etc
Say's Phoebe - 2 at ranch at Moffett Rd
Loggerhead Shrike
Western Scrub-Jay - east edge of Bend
Pinyon Jay - flock of 130, another along Hwy 20 closer to Bend
Clark's Nutcracker 3 at once around Pumice sprg, others +
Common Raven
Horned Lark - near lek then last stop Camp Creek wet area
Tree Swallow
Violet-green Swallow
Northern Rough-winged Swallow
Mountain Chickadee
Pygmy Nuthatch
Mountain Bluebird - oh so blue!
Townsend's Solitaire - Pumice Springs
American Robin - Pumice Springs, others
Sage Thrasher - quite a few today
European Starling
Yellow-rumped Warbler - Pumice spr
Spotted Towhee - did someone have?????
Chipping Sparrow - many small flocks
Brewer's Sparrow - Mostly along Moffett 8 birds =/-, 1 Camp Creek
Vesper Sparrow - 1 Camp Creek wet area, others near Lek
Sagebrush Sparrow - sadly, only a few got decent looks. 2 birds
Savannah Sparrow - bright birds in several places
White-crowned Sparrow
Dark-eyed Junco
Red-winged Blackbird
Brewer's Blackbird
Brown-headed Cowbird - Brothers Rest Stop w Brewers BB
Cassin's Finch - 30 all told today?
Red Crossbill - 25 to 30 all told today, all colors
Total number of species seen: 47

Birders today: David Gutt, Becky Dobrowski, Lew Becker,
Paul Sullivan, Dave Rein, Mary Webster, Milt Vine, Nancy Boever, David
Vick, Larry Thornburgh, Howard Horvath, Scott Ahlf, Toni Morozumi, Judy

Next week, high lakes route which takes "all day". I will miss this one
but see you the following week.
Good birding, Judy, <jmeredit...>
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