Date: 5/1/19 6:46 pm
From: Nancy Stotz <nstotznew...>
Subject: [obol] Hooded Oriole, Brookings
We had a male Hooded Oriole in Brookings late this afternoon. He was giving
his sweet little up-inflected wheep call as he moved along the shrubs
behind the beachfront houses maybe a third of a mile north of the mouth of
the Winchuck River. We started walking the beach from the state parking
area on north bank of the river; the bird was a couple hundred yards beyond
where the beach changes from sand to gravel.
I have a vague recollection of Daniel Farrar mentioning orioles gaining a
foothold on the southern OR coast when he was writing about the orioles in
Florence this winter. I tried to check eBird on the tiny little screen on
my cheapo smart phone and near as I can tell, there hasn't been a report in
the area in the last 30 days, so I figured I would send this. I got photos,
but it will be several days before I can post them to eBird.
Nancy Stotz

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