Date: 4/30/19 4:31 pm
From: Chuck Berthoud <cbpabirds...>
Subject: May eBird Challenge, entering your old checklists into eBird, new checklist page view
This month’s Challenge is to submit 3 eligible checklists to eBird this
Saturday, May4 which is the 5^th annual Global Big Day. This is by far
the easiest Challenge this year to complete-if you follow protocol.

Many PA birders have old paper checklists that are stored away
somewhere. eBird is a great place to keep your life lists for a number
of reasons and those records are of great value in building an historic
perspective in the database. Many of our old records are in the form of
a small card with checkoff boxes next to each species. Last month’s
email generated some discussion about avoiding the use of ‘X’ in our
eBird counts. If your old data does not have actual counts you will have
to use an ‘X’. For further information and an explanation of other
caveats see the article in the eBird Help section “Entering Historic
Data” at:

On April 18, the Checklist page changed considerably from what we were
used to seeing. The map link for the checklist location changed to a
small blue flag that is easy to overlook.The new icon is at the top of
the checklistpage, under the date and to the left of the county
name.Another new addition is the map from eBird Mobile Tracks is now
visible on the web. If you startedeBird Mobile at the beginning ofa
traveling checklist you can now see your actual track as part of the
checklist. This is only visible to the checklist owner and is not
public. The redesign makes it easier toview the web site on a variety of
device sizes.

GO birding!

Chuck, York County
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