Date: 4/30/19 2:05 pm
From: Roy Lowe <roy.loweiii...>
Subject: [obol] Humboldt Bay Shorebirds
Yesterday, I mentioned in an OBOL post that I was at Humboldt Bay last
weekend and that there were large numbers of shorebirds still present there
when I depart on Sunday. I thought I would show a few photos of the
concentrations in just narrow views taken on the North Bay. You would
really need to do a panorama to get the full impact. I’m also posting two
cell phone videos where the audio is as good as the visuals.

I have also posted a series of photos of a male northern harrier taking a
western sandpiper. I observed the harrier coming low across the tideflats
and approaching a dike that had several thousand sandpipers feeding and
roosting on the other side. When the harrier popped up over the dike it
was pandemonium with birds going in all directions. The harrier separated
a western sandpiper from the flock and struck it knocking it to the
ground. The sandpiper tried to escape but was wounded and twice the
harrier tripped up the fleeing bird with a wing. Most of the photos are
soft or out of focus a bit. I was unprepared for this event, which lasted
only 24 seconds and I could not change camera settings. It was also obvious
at times that my camera had no clue what I wanted it to focus on! Caution,
the photo series carries an “R” rating for violence.

Photos and videos here:


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