Date: 4/30/19 1:03 pm
From: Phil Pickering <philliplc...>
Subject: [obol] possible Timberline Brewer's Sparrow Lincoln County
I ran into an apparently transient Brewer's Sparrow in the S Immonen
Road clear cut this morning (just SE of Siletz Bay). It was moving
along a road edge loosely with a small group of other migrants inc.a
few each Golden & White-crowned and SavannahSparrows. No pics
unfortunately so won't be ableto confirm, but I did have several brief
but goodlooks at it.
Pattern was typical for Brewer's, but seemed fairlyhigh-contrast and
cold-toned overall, lacking any warmerbrownish tones - mostly flat
gray and dark gray brown.The auriculars were flat grayish, with
high-contrast very dark gray-brown borders. Lateral crown stripes were
similarly very dark gray-brownish with some finepaler cold brown
streaking. Supercilium, nape, andthe unmarked underparts also seemed
rather flat graywith no hint of any warmer tones.
Not sure I saw it well enough to get a feel for size,but it at least
did seem slightly more robust than myimpression of Chipping Sparrow. I
had not seen a Brewer's for several years so hard to confidently judge
againstpast experience, but the coldness and contrast did strikeme as

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