Date: 4/30/19 5:34 am
From: A. Liebner <000000d98121eaef-dmarc-request...>
Subject: FOY: 4.29-Rt Hummingbird & G. Catbird Wayne Twp, Sch Co
FOY: Gray Catbird and a Ruby-throated Hummingbird (M) appeared at the feeders on Monday, 4.29.2019. My records from the .late '80 until present, show RT Hummingbirds making their FOY appearance on April 28th or 29th.
White-throated Sparrows are still here.Blue Jays have taken over the yard, making it difficult for the usual yardbirds to feed.
Nest Boxes: (on "T" poles, opposite ends of clothesline)A pair of Tree Swallows have been checking out the boxes.Two Eastern Bluebirds are also coming to the boxes; however one thing has me puzzled - both have bright blue plumage of the Eastern Bluebird Male.  They don't appear to be fighting for the box but rather fly from box to tree together, sit next to each other on the pole or clothesline, and flutter around in a non-aggressive way.So far no nests have been built because of ongoing battle with House Sparrows. I stopped spreading cracked corn on the ground and that seems to have helped.
Good birding,
Ann M. Liebner
Wayne Twp.  Schuylkill County
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