Date: 4/29/19 4:58 pm
From: Seth McComsey <0000002968f82554-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Am. Bitterns, Sandhill Cranes - Lancaster Co.
Early in my walk at Noel Dorwart Park, I noticed two birders photographing something in the trees right off the path. After spotting the large brown shape that drew their attention, I raised my binoculars expecting one of the resident owls, only to find, to my utter astonishment, an American Bittern-- in the woods! After sharing our excitement, a 2nd bittern was spotted mere yards away! I had my lifer bittern last year in this same spot, and thought I'd never relive the experience of finding one in such an odd setting (they should be in a marsh). Turns out I was doubly wrong! BUT IT GETS BETTER! As I was leaving and the winds kicked up, as flyovers I had 4 Ospreys, 1 Common Loon, a few Broad-winged Hawks, and the cherry on top: a pair of SANDHILL CRANES. Something must have been in the air, because later on Joshua Houck visited the park and witnessed the continuing pair of Virginia Rails mating, and got stunning photos to boot!

Major kudos to Annie (forgive me for forgetting your last name) for spotting the bitterns conveniently just as I walked up. Talk about luck! Forecast for tomorrow looks promising- get out there if you can everybody!

-Seth McComsey
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