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Ah, Dave...thanks for giving me another reason to retire! And here I was just thrilled to hear about 200 Western Sandpipers whizzing by me up at Wickiup Reservoir (Deschutes County) last summer. I want to experience spring shorebird migration on the coast firsthand...some day.

Thanks to everyone sharing these natural historical moments. Many of us live vicariously through you.

Happy migration and cheers!

Dr. Jim Moodie
Science Department

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It has been one of the best weekends for shorebird migration in a long time, and today was the cream of the crop.   We were at New River all morning and had spectacular numbers of mostly peeps moving north up the river and beach.    At one point we had 20,000 on the mudflats.   Our count for the day without including Bandon Marsh was 77,000.    Bandon Marsh appeared to have about 15-20,000 birds this afternoon - we did not stay long or do a real count there.    This certainly was our second best day in 23 years out there.    We are both gobsmacked and bewildered.   We giggled, laughed, and had tears of joy.    Truly one of nature's amazing events.    There are birds all over Bandon......flying over homes, thru backyards......just awesome.

If I post some videos we took I will let you know.


Dave Lauten and Kathy Castelein

Bandon OR

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