Date: 4/29/19 7:40 am
From: Beverly Hallberg <bhallbergskloot...>
Subject: [obol] Nehalem Bay/Manzanita Shorebirds and other stuff
Hi all,

It's been interesting to watch the various movements of shorebirds on the
beach and in the bay these last few days. At extreme low tide, there have
been well over 10,000 shorebirds strung out in huge swathes across the
middle and around the edges of the empty inner bay. You can only view
them distantly through a scope from Bayside Gardens or maybe from the
Nehalem Bay SP river beach that extends past the airport runway. As high
tide closes in they cover every surface around the bay including good views
from the park boat launch. Best close views, but fewer birds are seen on
the beaches themselves particularly good with the out-going tide.

Yesterday at the south jetty of the Nehalem River (high tide) I watched
many groups of peeps veer inland following the river back to the inner bay
rather than take the beach route. Larger shorebirds were following the
beach and even more were just offshore. At dusk, there have been thousands
along the whole 4 mile beach but particularly at the Neahkahnie end where
they hit the wall of Neahkahnie Mountain and Cape Falcon.

Lots of Red Knots and a few Ruddy Turnstone have been embedded in with the
other peeps. Yesterday there was a solo Wandering Tattler on the south
side of the north jetty (their usual location in fall migration). Also
spotted 2 Wilson's Phalaropes flying close by me at the jetty going into
the bay area.

I have a couple of videos taken at sunset at Neahkahnie beach the other
night which shows some of their murmuration flight patterns and huge
numbers. These are on my Flickr page.

Heard my first Olive-sided Flycatcher in the park already and saw a silent
Warbling Vireo two days ago while watching warblers. Many Hammond's
Flycatchers moved through over a week ago and now the Pacific-slopes are
fairly abundant again.

This was the first year I heard Mountain Quail calling from while in my
backyard in Pine Ridge (between Manzanita and Nehalem). Also have heard
Marbled Murrelet calls at sunrise (seems early in the season) and other
shorebirds calling as they move back and forth between the bay and the
beach. A large flock of Greater White-fronted Geese practically skimmed my
roof the other day flying out to the beach.

Fun times!
Beverly Hallberg

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