Date: 4/29/19 6:48 am
From: Mike Patterson <celata...>
Subject: [obol] Columbia Estuary Report - 4/29/2019
Columbia Estuary Report - 4/29/2019

The Northbound Shorebird Movement is ramping up. Shorebirding on
Clatsop Beaches has been impressive even though the birds are obliged
to share the beach with clammers. Large numbers of SHORT-BILLED
DOWITCHERS on the beach this year and reports of RED KNOT and RUDDY
TURNSTONE have increased over the last couple days.

Two LESSER YELLOWLEGS were among the 8 species of shorebirds at
the new mitigation the ODSL folks are calling "Wallooskee-Youngs
Mitigation", click the map request on the checklist:

Upland, the movement of passerines has been muted, but WARBLING
VIREO appeared yesterday on Coxcomb Hill. A pair of COOPER'S HAWKS
have set up housekeeping at the lower end of the meadow and were
singing songs of love and getting busy yesterday. There were also
several territorial HERMIT WARBLERS at Shively Park.

Mike Patterson
Astoria, OR
Bald Eagles - a gateway bird
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