Date: 4/28/19 9:06 pm
From: Range Bayer <range.bayer...>
Subject: [obol] *Mountain Bluebird at Salishan Spit (Lincoln Co.)

Rick Mark saw a bluebird Saturday afternoon (4/27/19), about 3 p.m.
It was on the beach about 200 yards north of the parking lot at the
end of the Salishan road. Rick reported it with the attached photo to
LCBNO on 4/28 as a Western Bluebird. But the photo and the ones in
his gallery linked below show a Mountain Bluebird . Rick later posted
to LCBNO that Alan Contreras had identified it as a Mountain Bluebird.

Rick wrote: "Have to say, this is one of the coolest birds I’ve seen
in years. [A Mountain] Bluebird was hanging out in the tall bushes on
Salishan Spit, on the bayside. He flew over to some driftwood as well.
My camera was back in my car, but I was able to hike back to the car,
put the camera together, come back, and the bird was still in the same
spot. I fired off about 60 shots with a 500mm lens. Also saw 16
Caspian terns all standing in a cluster on the beach with their faces
into the very fierce wind."

There are photos of the Mountain Bluebird at Rick's gallery:

Range Bayer, Newport, Oregon.
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