Date: 4/28/19 1:41 pm
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] Coos Shorebirding- 4/28/19
Did our three mile dog loop early AM on N Spit Coos Bay which includes a
mile on beach. There were only brief pauses on the beach when shorebirds
were not passing by. Mostly what appeared to be Westerns and Dunlin with
scattered SP Plovers. Also several groups of dowitchers (I only heard
Short-billeds), Whimbrel and BB Plovers. One RUDDY TURNSTONE. Also one
Peregrine and an American Kestrel which I hardly ever see on the beach this
time of year (or any time of year). Inland I saw 9 Cinnamon Teal,
shovelers, Gadwall, GW Teal, RN Ducks, a few RN PHALAROPE, and singing OC
and Wilson’s Warblers, yellowthroats and Purple Finches. Purple Martins
noisy at BLM boat ramp. Offshore it appeared there were many thousands of
Pacific Loons headed north (I was checking shorebirds on beach more) with
100s passing by in seconds when I scoped offshore a few times. Did see
maybe 50 BONIE GULLS and 100 ALEUTIAN CACKLERS but I hardly did any
offshore scoping during the hour and a half on the beach.

Then stopped and checked Pony Slough in N Bend before heading home. There
were about 7,000 peeps, 40+ Dowitchers, one each of LB CURLEW and RED KNOT.

Fun morning!
Tim R
Coos Bay

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