Date: 4/27/19 8:12 pm
From: Kathleen Krall <krallfamily...>
Subject: [obol] Nathan Pieplow to speak at OBA Annual Meeting, Portland June 1-2

McMenamins Kennedy School in NE Portland, famous for their food and beer, is the site of the Oregon Birding Association (OBA) annual meeting, June 1-2, 2019. We look forward to seeing you there!
Field trips to a wide variety of habitats in the Portland area will be led by local birders including Paul Sullivan, Dave Irons, Shawneen Finnegan, Diana Byrne, Tom McNamara, Colby Neuman, Nick Mrvelj, Zack Schlanger, Lars Norgren, and Ross Barnes-Rickett. A bird photography workshop will be hosted by Nagi Aboulenein. Our speaker Nathan Pieplow will offer a special workshop and field trip, “A Shared Vocabulary for Bird Sounds,” at an additional cost.

A social hour, followed by an excellent banquet, the keynote address, and a brief business meeting will be held on Saturday evening.
“The Language of Birds”

Our keynote speaker will be Nathan Pieplow, author of the just published Peterson Field Guide to Birds Sounds of Western North America.

NATHAN PIEPLOW has been fascinated by birds since his childhood in South Dakota, and has intensively studied bird sounds since 2003. He is the former editor of the journal Colorado Birds and an author of the Colorado Birding Trail. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, and teaches writing and rhetoric at the University of Colorado.

"All around us, the birds are constantly telling us who they are and what they are doing. The problem is, most of us don’t speak bird. In this talk for any audience, Nathan Pieplow talks about how birds communicate with each other using sounds. You’ll learn how to tell when a pair of Red-winged Blackbirds is mated, and how to tell when a Cliff Swallow has found food. You’ll learn how one bird sound can have many meanings, and how many meanings can have one sound. You’ll learn some of the many ways in which the language of the birds is like our own – and some of the ways in which it is vastly, fundamentally different."

“A Shared Vocabulary for Bird Sounds”

In this Saturday workshop and field trip, you will work on advanced listening skills, paying attention to the fine details of a sound. Just as beginning birders learn the different parts of the bird and how to distinguish colors like “buff” and “rufous,” you will learn the different parts of a sound and how to distinguish tone qualities like “burry” and “polyphonic.” In the process, you will learn a common vocabulary for describing bird sounds. You will also study how to visualize sounds and read spectrograms. No matter what your level of experience, this workshop will help you listen to sounds more analytically, describe them more accurately, and use them more effectively in identifying birds.

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