Date: 4/27/19 4:26 pm
From: BING WONG <bswong33...>
Subject: [obol] Mt Tabor Park Great Horned Owlets
Portland's Mt. Tabor Park's Great Horned Owls have many admirers and watchers. Last evening I received some phone calls from the Friends about people being concerned that one of the three owlets was out of the tree on the ground. Some made calls to Dove Lewis, ODFW, Audubon, Animal Control. I was asked to go up to the site and tell them what I thought should be done, that was to DO NOTHING. The area is heavily wooded and thick undergrowth. One person said Portland Audubon wanted a picture to evaluate the age. Dove Lewis told someone to bring it it. Another recommendation was to pick it up and put it on a low branch, wrong. A parent and other two owlets can be seen in the trees from the roadway. I posted info on Facebook and NextDoor Neighbor. Someone wanted the location, I did not respond. I hope people will let them be owls. The Wednesday Audubon Birdsong Walks have stopped to look at them. Message-look, don’t touch or get close.
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