Date: 4/27/19 3:14 pm
From: Anne Annibali <anneanni...>
Subject: Re: Nylon Mesh and Grass Seed
It's doesn't happen often but fine-mesh deer netting can be dangerous too. I spread it over my pond one winter to catch leaves and found a dead wren in the spring. The second time, a titmouse tangled in vertical netting protecting a bush, but I was able to rescue it.
Anne Annibali
Mount Gretna, Lebanon County

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Subject: [PABIRDS] Nylon Mesh and Grass Seed

Dear PABirders,

This is not a bird sighting, but I felt that it is important enough to
post here.

Sometimes nylon mesh is used to hold down the straw that is spread over
newly spread grass seed. This procedure was used in two areas very
close to our home in Peach Bottom, Lancaster County. Nancy and I
recently found a Black Rat Snake and an American Robin that had become
entangled in the mesh. Fortunately we were able to free both of them by
carefully cutting the mesh. Had we not found them, both animals almost
certainly would have died.

Please watch any freshly seeded areas where nylon mesh may have been
used. It is a potential death trap, the same as discarded mono-filament
fishing line.

Thanks so much for caring, BOB & NANCY

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