Date: 4/27/19 8:42 am
From: David Gibson <20cabot...>
Subject: A bird photographer's cautionary tale
Hi all, I've watched and photographed a Killdeer family since before
hatch. I wrote the following in another forum about what took place after
I'd been watching the Killdeer family for over an hour (my most recent
"For no apparent reason, the parents decided to usher the chicks out of the
meadow (lots of food, safety, and quiet), under the gate (they'd been in a
gated preserve), across a busy road (there was no traffic at the time),
onto some railroad tracks, and then to a small marshy area just beyond."

Well, I went back to the area this a.m. The family had returned to that
meadow (the breeding site). I carefully moved in, and at a "safe distance"
sat down and began taking pictures with my 500mm Canon. In a matter of 4 or
5 minutes, the above scene played out all over again. The parents ushered
their chicks out of the meadow and back to the railroad tracks. And I left
the area with a clear understanding as to why they had done that in the
first place. After I had written the above, someone responded and took me
to task for "acting like a predator." This is a tough pill to swallow, but
it turns out that she was probably right. And someone else has since
reminded me that "it’s especially important during breeding season to give
even more space to nature’s families."

Dave Gibson
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