Date: 4/27/19 6:52 am
From: Aidan Kiley via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Fairfield KENTUCKY WARBLER
10 minutes ago I found an adult male Kentucky Warbler at Lake Mohegan in

Directions: Go to the large parking lot which is at the intersection of
Tahmore Drive and Morehouse Highway. Go to the back of the parking lot
where there is a wooden signpost with papers on it, and take either one of
the trails (upper and lower take you to the same place, lower trail is
slightly faster). Keep following the trail and a couple minutes in you will
reach a large meadow and a 4- way trail intersection. Go straight back into
the trail going into the woods, just behind the garbage and recycle can.
You will see a wooden boardwalk and a grove of white pines on your left as
you walk in. Go straight. The bird called a couple times then showed itself
in the thickets, about 100-120 feet on the right into this trail.

***Kentucky Warbler is a sensitive species. Please DO NOT use ANY playback
of songs or calls. I am posting this with the expectation that this bird is
not harassed or attempted to be drawn in by tapes. The bird is more
important that the birder seeing it. Please respect. If this kind of thing
happens, please note that myself and other birders will be less likely to
publicize reports of sensative species like this in the future.

Lake Mohegan is a crowded place with lots of people and dogs. Don't get
your hopes up too much to refind it. It disappeared shortly, and the crowds
of people are increasing. Good luck if you stop by.

Aidan Kiley
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