Date: 4/26/19 10:39 pm
From: Thomas Gilg <tom...>
Subject: [obol] Grasshopper Sparrows, Belts Dr. in Linn

I did some spectrograph compares of my April 23 recordings on Belts Drive with some Xeno Canto Grasshopper Sparrows, and unless many others are misidentifying, I'm 99% sure of a match for Grasshopper. The spectrograph compares can be seen in a PDF in the folder at:

see grasshopper-sparrow-spectrogram.pdf

I did not see the birds. I was hard pressed to hear the 2 opening chips, but did consistently hear the chip at the end of the obvious trill.

Hopefully others have luck hearing (and seeing) them. If not on the east end of Belts, I now wonder if they could be in the grassland across Gap Road.


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Subject: [obol] Re: Vesper Sparrow

Hi All,

Earlier on April 23, I heard what I believed to be Grasshopper Sparrows singing on Belts Drive very close to Gap Road. I welcome trained ears to weigh in on the WAV files in the following folder. The "edit" version has 4 song bursts back to back. The songs are very faint and dainty compared to everything else.

I returned days later, and again heard the same song in the same location. Also singing but distinct were Savannah Sparrows and Chipping Sparrows.

Who else makes a tick(s)-steadyFastTrill-miniEndingTick sound?


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Subject: [obol] Vesper Sparrow

This morning Dennis and I found a singing VESPER SPARROW and a WESTERN KINGBIRD on Belts Rd. No luck with Grasshopper Sparrow. Earlier in the day we found both HAMMOND'S and DUSKY FLYCATCHER at Berggren Watershed, a property owned by the McKenzie River Trust.
Roger Robb
Springfield, OR

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