Date: 4/25/19 3:25 pm
From: Bethany Kilzer <storytel...>
Subject: [MBBIRDS] banded raptor

Better late than never, I feel - my apologies for the lateness but life got in the way! On April 14th my husband noted a raptor across the street - he loves photography and knows I love birds, so he went to photograph it as I ran out with binoculars. My first thought was that it was a juvenile cooper’s hawk - but the tail stripes didn’t look quite right.

After it flew away and we were looking at the photos, we noticed that the legs were banded - green on the left and silver on the right. If any of you know of a raptor banding program, please pass this on to them. The address is 113 Navarra Drive in Scotts Valley; photos taken at 1:52-1:55pm

If anyone can tell me the type of hawk it is, that would be great too. (Not my strong suit…)

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