Date: 4/23/19 6:24 pm
From: Ted Nichols II <tanicholsii...>
Subject: Re: Ruff (Reeve) in Lebanon County
Ruff Sunset Update: Jonathan Heller & several others were unable to
relocate the Ruff (Reeve) w/ the remaining light. He noted there were areas
they could not see & birds were really shuffling around with several large
Yellowlegs flocks coming & going. Most PA spring records appear to be one
day deals, but maybe the bird will be refound, people will be relooking in
the AM.


On Tue, Apr 23, 2019 at 18:45 Ted Nichols II <tanicholsii...> wrote:

> Forgive any bad grammar in this, I’m dictating, but want to get word out
> ASAP... There is a female Ruff (Reeve) at the Balmer Farm Ponds in Lebanon
> County near Reistville where 2 Cattle Egret are also currently present. The
> Reeve was on the far back pond where the green winged teal are. I found it
> at 6:08pm sitting up on the grassy hillside and went to get my phone off
> the charger to take a picture and it took flight when a loud truck went by.
> I have to go to a 7pm meeting in Lancaster otherwise I would stay and
> attempt to relocate but have to leave. Dark blotchy chest (and sides of
> chest which first stood out to me when scanning in comparison to
> Yellowlegs), bill shorter than yellowlegs but longer than sandpiper bull
> and more orange legs than the nearby yellowlegs. Both greater and lesser
> Yellowlegs are present as well as several pectoral sandpipers. Jonathan
> Heller is headed over now to relocate.
> -Ted Nichols
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