Date: 4/23/19 4:41 pm
From: Marcia Balestri <mebalestri...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Worcester May Count
Hi all,

Like everyone else, I am looking for May counters in Worcester County for Saturday, May 11. Worcester is a great place to be in May, so come on over, and I will give you a sector to do. I still have a few spots. If you don’t want a sector and just want to do a few spots, just let me know where, so I can hit the areas not being visited.

Many of you use eBird to keep your lists, and eBird has made it easy on us compilers. I will be setting up a group account with a unique user name, and you can share your lists to that user name. The result: data will already be combined for me to send it in. If you are willing to do that, let me know, and I will send you the user name.

Looking forward to hearing from those of you who have helped me out in the past as well as anyone else who would like to join us.

Marcia Balestri
Worcester County, Maryland

“...ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science." Charles Darwin, 1871

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