Date: 4/23/19 10:28 am
From: Lona Pierce <alkpierce...>
Subject: [obol] Another yard first!
Never would have expected this bird in my yard, although I've gotten brief glimpses of them in the Columbia County foothills once or twice. In my backyard a MOUNTAIN QUAIL is puttering around with the squirrels, sparrows, jays and mourning doves. The usual California quail I get daily aren't here at the moment. I posted a photo on Facebook on a couple of Oregon birder sites -- not a great photo but clearly a mountain quail. It has been feeding on the chicken scratch/millet mix I put out for the birds, and even took a dustbath in the long-abandoned sandbox area nearby. It is still here. My son is taking a video of the quail now. May post on if the video comes out OK. This is four miles north of Scappoose.
Lona Pierce
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