Date: 4/22/19 10:39 pm
From: Phil Davis <pdavis...>
Subject: [MDBirding] MD/DC Records Committee news
Hi MD/DC birders:


MOS and MD/DCRC Web Pages:
As many of you know, the MOS has been in the process of upgrading the
organization's web site. If you haven't been to the MD/DC Records
Committee (MD/DCRC) web pages in a while, you can now find them
starting here ...

There are separate pages for records of the Birds of MD and DC where
you can find the Official Lists of Birds and the MD/DCRC Review Lists
for each jurisdiction. We also post copies of the MD/DCRC abridged
databases for MD and DC, where you can find the status (e.g., the
number of accepted records) of "reviewable" species. There is also a
web page that provides information on the committee's operations and

Annual Meeting: The 2019 Annual Meeting of the MD/DCRC was held on
Saturday, 23 February 2019. The MD/DCRC Annual Business Report and
Annual Meeting Minutes were posted to the MD/DCRC web pages.

Membership: Members completing their voting terms were John Hubbell,
Mike Ostrowski, and Andy Wilson. The committee thanks them for all
their efforts over the past years. The new members elected for
three-year terms were Kathy Calvert, Tim Carney, and Clive Harris. We
welcome them back to the committee. Matt Hafner was reelected
committee Chair and Phil Davis was reelected committee Secretary.

Review List Changes: The only MD/DCRC review list change adopted at
the Annual Meeting was to add Franklin's Gull to the DC Review List.

Recent Decisions: A status report on recent committee decisions will
appear in the soon-to-be-issued of the MOS newsletter, The Maryland
Yellowthroat. No new "state" species were added from the latest round
of reviews and the total number of species on the Official Lists of
the Birds of MD and DC remain at 453 and 341, respectively. The latest
additions to the Official Lists were: for MD - a species of the Zino's
Fea's Petrel complex (added in 2019); and for DC - Prairie Falcon and
Sabine's Gull (both added in 2018).

Hope this helps.

Good birding.


Phil Davis, Secretary
MD/DC Records Committee
2549 Vale Court
Davidsonville, Maryland 21035 USA

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