Date: 4/22/19 6:02 pm
From: Scott Kinzey <0000007977429723-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Lake Wilhelm in Mercer County
     There were a lot of birds today on Lake Wilhelm in Mercer County but not quite the variety as on April 8.  Common Loon, Red-breasted Merganser and Herring Gull were much fewer but Double-crested Cormorant, Bufflehead and Ruddy Duck were way up.  Bald Eagle and Osprey are very watchable here all day long.  The loon and cormorant numbers are only what I saw but there are likely more scattered around the lake.  List is combined of the four best vantage points on the lake which I believe are Launch 1, Launch 2, Marina/causeway and upper causeway.  Highlights only.
Double-crested Cormorant  468Ruddy Duck 504Bufflehead 92Common Merganser  9Red-breasted Merganser  4Horned Grebe  4Pied-billed Grebe  1Gadwall  16Common Loon  18Bonaparte's Gull  11Ring-billed Gull  4Herring Gull  7Osprey and Bald Eagle  numerousCliff Swallow  2Yellow Warbler  1House Wren  1Purple Martin  3Spotted Sandpiper  1 yesterday
Scott KinzeyAllegheny County
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