Date: 4/21/19 9:43 pm
From: Mary Garrard <springazure1...>
Subject: [obol] Vaux Swift chimney roost-Weigand Hall
Hello, tonight I made the rounds of many of the known (to me) chimney roosts for migrating Vaux Swifts. I ended up at sunset at Weigand Hall, where I met Jill and Cub, who were enjoying the lovely evening and where there were FINALLY some swifts to count! None of the other locations were active tonight.

I counted 190 using the Weigand Hall chimney.

For those who are not familiar with the Vaux Happening chimney counts, see the website <> for much useful and interesting information. I checked previous years' reports to see the range of dates for our Corvallis locations. I have not been consistent for the past couple of migration seasons.

I was interested to discover from previous years’ counts that there are a couple of locations I didn’t know about. One location is especially intriguing to me: 525 NW Monroe, where counts were recorded in September 2018 (I was out of town all of September 2018 so didn’t get to do any swift counting). I had not known of this site previously. It’s intriguing because a chimney is not visible on Google Earth, but there has to be something they are using so I’ll check it out visually. It’s also intriguing because I often hear swifts around the library, but assumed that they went to the Whiteside site or even up to Weigand or another one of the known roosts.

It was great to have my first count of the season!

If you observe swifts using any roost in Corvallis, could you please post it to the midvalley birders group? I’ve been keeping a list of known sites.

The frustration of swift-counting in Corvallis is that there are so many potential roosts, and they are not consistent from season to season or even night to night. But I always enjoy the challenge!

Happy spring migration!


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