Date: 4/20/19 10:51 pm
From: Jim Leonard <photojleonard...>
Subject: [obol] Bird Watchers and Photographer's
After reading Dave Irons comments maybe bird watchers and photographers
should stay in their homes and not go near trees because you might disturb
a bird, Be sure you don't drive or walk through any wildlife refuges
because you might disturb some birds Don't go walking through the woods
because there might be a nest that you don't see and you might disturb a
bird. I have seen car loads of bird watchers from Audubon field trips
unload out of their cars near water and scare every duck and bird away
within 100 yards while I sit quietly in my truck taking photos out my
window not disturbing anything. If Dave is so nervous about disturbing
birds maybe he should stay home and give up bird watching and quit
criticizing other birders. Jim Leonard.

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