Date: 4/20/19 10:31 pm
From: Jim Leonard <photojleonard...>
Subject: [obol] In regards to Dave Irons comments
Don't you ever get tired of implying that someone is doing something
wrong. You make judgement's all the time without knowing the situation.
Sometimes I think you think you can read a birds mind. You seem to enjoy
getting a reaction out of people. Have you ever though of saying something
nice on a posting. You and a few others are why I don't post on OBOL very
often. We sat quietly in our folding chairs for most of the time but I
don't have to justify what I do to you. Maybe you should take a break from
being the bird police all the time. The recent bird festival in Burns
probably had car loads of people unloading to observe this nest. You are
good at saying you are not criticizing a person but imply just the
opposite. Jim Leonard.

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