Date: 4/20/19 7:02 pm
From: Paul Heveran <birdmeister.paul...>
Subject: General migration notes from the past few days, Schuykill/Berks/Montgomery/Lehigh Counties
Hello PA Birders,

I have had a busy but enjoyable past few days, with many birding highlights.

I will start with the 17th, where I had a nice morning flight over the
yard. Highlights included 7 Common Loons, a slightly late Horned Lark, a
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, a few Yellow-rumped and/or warbler sp, and a perched
Savannah Sparrow. A single Broad-winged Hawk after 6:00pm was a sign of
things to come.

The 18th started slowly, with 2 Common Loons over the yard early on but not
much else. A lunchtime migration watch at DeSales University was better,
with 4 loons, 23 DC Cormorants, a Northern Harrier, 5 Sharp-shinned Hawks,
a Cooper's Hawk, 2 Accipiter sp, 23 Broad-winged Hawks, an American
Kestrel, a few swallows, and a high Eastern Bluebird. More Broadwings began
appearing as I walked to Chemistry class.

The real show was "back at the ranch" in the afternoon, where I had other
eyes to help with spotting. 8 Chimney Swifts, 12 cormorants, and some
swallows rounded out the non-raptors, and a Peregrine Falcon was a
non-migrant highlight. Migrating raptors included 5 Ospreys, 1 harrier, 8
Sharp-shins, 1 Cooper's Hawk, 3 Accipiter sp, 89 Broadwings,2 Red-tailed
Hawks, 1 Buteo sp, 7 kestrels, 2 falcon sp, and 7 unidentified raptors.

Yesterday (the 19th) found me at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary for the day. Since
the raptor count has already been reported here through, I
will focus on non-raptors. Migrants included 22 loons, 30 DC Cormorants, a
few swallows, 9 Yellow-rumped Warblers, and 30+ passerine sp. The highlight
was undoubtedly finches, with 60 American Goldfinches and 110 (!) Purple
Finches passing throughout the day. New arrivals heard around the lookout
and on the trails included 4+ Black-and-white Warblers (1 seen), 2+
Ovenbirds, and a Blue-headed Vireo.

Today was quieter, save for 4 FOY Caspian Terns at Walt Rd, Green Lane

Enjoy the spring migration!

Good birding,
Paul Heveran
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