Date: 4/20/19 3:53 pm
From: Charles Gates <cgates326...>
Subject: [obol] Bean-Goose, Forster's Tern... Crooked River Wetlands
Today, we had lots of excitement at the Crooked River Wetlands in
Prineville.  First, the Bean-Goose was re-seen and remained through the
day.  Second, we had our first good shorebird movement with 12
Black-necked Stilt and 25 Dunlin spotted on pond 11. Numbers of just
about everything else increased from huge flocks of mixed swallows to
over 150 Savannah Sparrows.  Finally, we found a Forster's Tern at the
ponds today and I think it may be the first of the year for Oregon. 
Looking back over 25 years of Central Oregon records, I couldn't find an
earlier arrival for Forster's Tern so this might be the earliest ever
for this species in CO.

A few pics at

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Chuck Gates
Prineville Bird Club
Powell Butte,
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