Date: 4/15/19 5:25 am
From: Diane Bricmont <colaptes.auratus...>
Subject: Re: Western Tanager - St. Louis County
Heeeee's back! In the yard for less than 30 seconds. Same routine as
yesterday with regards to arrival and departure route.

Diane Bricmont


On Sun, Apr 14, 2019, 9:46 PM Diane Bricmont <colaptes.auratus...>

> Here's the link to my Ebird checklist with photos of the Western Tanager.
> On Sun, Apr 14, 2019 at 9:40 PM Diane Bricmont <colaptes.auratus...>
> wrote:
>> You can imagine my surprise when I saw a male Western Tanager in my
>> dogwood today. The bird has been observed flying into my yard from the
>> south, dropping down through the dogwood, sitting for 30 seconds or so and
>> flying out of the yard to the south. I have a suet feeder, finch mix
>> feeder, sunflower chip feeder and orange halves all hanging under the
>> dogwood, but I never observed the bird eating. I assume he's finding
>> insects and/or nectaring from the emerging buds in the neighborhood.
>> If you're interested in observing the Tanager, I recommend parking on the
>> street and using your car as a blind. I never located the bird when I was
>> walking around the neighborhood, but he appeared 3 times over 2 hours while
>> I used my car as a blind. I will watch for the bird in the morning, and
>> post here as soon as I see him.
>> Diane Bricmont
>> Still pinching myself in STL CO.

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