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*** Species Summary:

- African Collared-Dove (1 report)
- Black-chinned Sparrow (1 report)

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African Collared-Dove (Streptopelia roseogrisea) (1)
- Reported Apr 14, 2019 18:12 by Joey Negreann
- Santa Cruz Island--main ranch, Santa Barbara, California
- Map:,-119.7196054&ll=33.9961771,-119.7196054
- Checklist:
- Comments: "Extremely light colored and contrasting greatly with EUCD it was flocked with. Primaries and covs white and not contrasting with rest of body or wing. Unfortunately the photos aren’t the best in showing light color seen in field. Spread wing and tail shot though blurry show lack of contrast throughout feather tracts and in tail. Photos to be posted. "

Black-chinned Sparrow (Spizella atrogularis) (1)
- Reported Apr 13, 2019 10:27 by James Bailey
- (34.0166,-119.8288), Santa Barbara, California
- Map:,-119.828834&ll=34.016577,-119.828834
- Checklist:
- Comments: "During this stop I continually heard what sounded like the trill portion of a BCSP song off in the distance, repeated every 15 seconds or so. In more typical habitat I have found that the initial higher notes don’t carry as far as the trill, which could explain why I did not note the full song as usually given. I am sure it was not just a SPTO variation. It would be ideal to have better confirmation, but at this part of the Island that is probably doubtful. The habitat was higher chaparral with chemise, so actually quite like BCSP habitat on the mainland although lower elevation."


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