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Subject: [cobirders] Colorado Rare Bird Alert for April 15, 2019
Hello cobirders,

Our report is called Rare Bird Alert because search engines find it
better. The report is really "Uncommon Bird Report" Not all uncommon
birds are rare birds. Birders may want to know where to see them anyway!
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NOTE: Reports do not confirm sightings. Choose to chase at your own risk
and expense.!
NOTE: To reduce length of report, only recent sightings listed; visit
Colorado Birding Society's website everyday for additional sightings!

Reports added: 4/14/2019
Adams (Long-billed Curlew)
Arapahoe (Long-tailed Duck)
Baca (Western Screech-Owl, Rufous-crowned Sparrow)
Boulder (Marbled Godwit, Eastern Phoebe)
Chaffee (Eastern Phoebe)
Crowley (Common Loon)
Douglas (Eastern Phoebe)
El Paso (Nashville Warbler, Curve-billed Thrasher, Eastern Bluebird)
Jefferson (Neotropic Cormorant, Greater Scaup)
Kiowa (Dunlin, Glaucous-winged Gull)
Kit Carson (Greater Prairie-Chicken)
Larimer (Winter Wren, Iceland Gull, Dusky Flycatcher)
Logan (Sharp-tailed Grouse, Field Sparrow)
Montrose (Greater Scaup)
Prowers (Tundra Swan)
Pueblo (Marbled Godwit)
Weld (Sharp-tailed Grouse)


Adams County
++++Rocky Mountain Arsenal
Long-billed Curlew
(1) --field west/Contact Station (Tyler Wilson:Alicia Arnold) last 4/14
(4) (Fancois Grenon/Stevens) (first 4/12) 38; look around First Creek
last 4/13
++++South Platte Birding Area
Barrow's Goldeneye (pair) --south/88th avenue (Stevens/David Bailey)
(first 11/10) last 4/13

Arapahoe County
++++Cherry Creek Reservoir
Long-tailed Duck (Cynthia Madsen) first 4/14
++++Eastern Arapahoe County
Northern Mockingbird --CR 42, 1.7 miles/east/CR 161 (Stevens) first 4/11

Boulder County
++++Lagerman Reservoir Map
Marbled Godwit --agricultural preserve (Bryan Guarente) first 4/14
++++Walden Ponds area Map
Eastern Phoebe --Boulder Crk/75th avenue (Chuck Hundertmark:Holden
Maxfield/Van Rudd) (first 3/28) 2; last 4/14
Marbled Godwit --Cottonwood Marsh (David Smith) first 4/13
++++Golden Ponds
Eastern Phoebe (Luke Pheneger) first 4/13

Douglas County
++++Platte Canyon Reservoir Map
Eastern Phoebe (David Carr/Dale Pate) (first 4/3) last 4/14
++++Cherry Creek Trail & Walker Pit
Eastern Phoebe --Cherry Creek/hwy 86 (Richard Stevens/Glenn Walbek)
(first 3/31) last 4/13

El Paso County
++++Sinton Pond Open Space Map
Nashville Warbler (M.OB./Cody Ensanian:Joy Lake) (first 4/8) last 4/14
Eastern Phoebe (Driscoll) first 4/13
++++Hanover Road and area Map
Curve-billed Thrasher --Corral area (Kenneth Wat) last 4/14
Curve-billed Thrasher --DeGroot Road (Richard Bunn) first 4/13
Eastern Bluebird --Hanover Road (Cody Ensanian) first 4/13
++++Squirrel Creek Road Area Map
Eastern Bluebird (8) (Richard Bunn) first 4/13
++++Memorial Park, Colorado Springs
Greater White-fronted Goose (Cody Ensanian/Tyler Stewart) (first 3/14)
last 4/13

Jefferson County
++++Robert A. Easton Regional Park Map
Neotropic Cormorant (James McCall/Dave King) (first 4/12) last 4/14
Greater Scaup (3) (Chris Wood/Dave King) (first 4/9) 4; last 4/14
++++Cottonwood Park
Greater Scaup (2) (Bez Bezuidenhout) first 4/14

Larimer County
++++Prospect Ponds Natural Area Map
Winter Wren (2) --see directions (David Leatherman/Robert Beauchamp)
(first 11/7) 1; last 4/14
(Latest: north side of channel, opposite dirt path, behind downed tree at
water's edge)
(Earlier: bushes/north pond/east/bike path/southeast corner of parking
lot at Sharp Point Drive)
++++Horseshoe Lake Map
Iceland Gull (Thayer's) (Komar/Jacy Bernath-Plaisted) (first 3/21) 2;
last 4/14
Glaucous-winged Gull (Komar:Bankert) reported 4/13
Lesser Black-backed Gull (2) (Komar:Bankert) first 4/13
++++Meadowbrook Natural Area
Dusky Flycatcher (Christopher Murray reported 4/14
++++Fossil Creek Reservoir
Long-tailed Duck (Lori Pivonka:Dave Farmer/Kenna Sue Trickey) (first
2/16) last 4/13
++++Loveland Recreation Trail
Gray Flycatcher (Fawn Simonds) reported 4/12

Pueblo County
++++Huerfano Reservoir Map
Marbled Godwit (Evan Carlson) first 4/14

Weld County
++++Pawnee National Grasslands area
Sharp-tailed Grouse(Re-introduced Birds, Plains subspecies)
(4) --CR 132/east/CR 134 (Gene Rutherford) last 4/14
(1) --CR 111/south/CR 128 (Lori Pivonka) last 4/14
(18) --CR 134/east/CR 125 (Lori Pivonka) last 4/14
(5) --CR 111/north/CR 134 (Komar & all) last 4/13
(1) --CR 132/west/CR 111 (Komar & all) last 4/13
Mountain Plover
(1) --CR 79, 3/4 miles south of Hwy 14 (Joe Mammoser) first 4/10
(1) --CR 100 at 1.6 miles west of CR 390 (Bez Bezuidenhout/Gary Lefko)
(first 4/6) 3; last 4/7


Baca County
++++Two Buttes Reservoir
Western Screech-Owl (David Dowell) last 4/14
Rufous-crowned Sparrow (David Dowell) (first 3/24) last 4/14

Crowley County
++++Lake Henry Map
Common Loon (David Tonnessen) first 4/14

Kiowa County
++++Upper & Lower Queens Reservoirs Map
Dunlin (5) --Lower Queens Reservoir (Will Britton) reported 4/14
Glaucous-winged Gull --Upper Queens Reservoir (Tonnessen:Leukering)
(reported 4/13) again 4/14
++++Neenoshe Reservoir
American Golden-Plover (David Tonnessen) first 4/13
Whimbrel (Tonnessen) first 4/13
Northern Mockingbird (2) (Tonnessen) first 4/13
White-throated Sparrow (Tonnessen) first 4/13

Prowers County
++++North Gateway Park Map
Tundra Swan --limited access (Leukering) (first 3/1) again 4/14


Cheyenne County
++++Hwy 40/west/CR 17
Greater Roadrunner (David Tonnessen) first 4/13

Kit Carson County
++++County Road K and CR 6 & 5/10
Greater Prairie-Chicken (8) (Mark Chavez:Glenn Walbek) first 4/14
++++Flagler Reservoir
Field Sparrow (David Dowell) first 4/12

Logan County
++++County Roads 58 & 13
Sharp-tailed Grouse (3) (Joey Kellner) first 4/14
++++Tamarack Ranch Wildlife Area Map
Field Sparrow (Dean Shoup:Joey Kellner/Kellner) last 4/14

Yuma County
++++Wray Fishing Unit
Winter Wren (Michael O'Brien) first 4/13
Field Sparrow (Michael O'Brien) first 4/13


Chaffee County
++++Sands Lake Wildlife Area
Eastern Phoebe (Craig Robson/Ryan Jones) (first 4/9) last 4/14

Clear Creek/Summit Counties
++++Guanella Pass Road
White-tailed Ptarmigan (17) (Tyler Stewart) last 3/30
++++Loveland Pass
White-tailed Ptarmigan (9) (Stevens:Michaels/CoBus Group) (first 10/29)
2; last 3/25
(Latest: below the eastern side of Summit, Summit Cty)
(also try less than 1 mile up western trail, Clear Creek Cty; beware of
avalanche possibility)

Custer County
++++DeWeese Reservoir
Black-throated Sparrow (Tom Ewert) first 4/13

Garfield County
++++Ponds Near Rifle Airport
Black Phoebe (2) (JoAnn Potter Riggle) first 4/11

Gunnison County
++++McCabe's Wetlands
Pinyon Jay (20) (Tom Ewert) first 4/13
++++County Road 887
Gunnison Sage-Grouse (up to 16) (Stevens:Baker/M.OB.) (first 3/12) last
(main lek, mostly north meadow; 40 birds seen on 4/7)

Jackson County
++++Jackson County Road 26 Area
Greater Sage-Grouse (up to 67) (CoBus Group/Leonard Turville) (first
3/15) last 4/13
++++Colorado State Forest
Boreal Owl (2)--from Hwy 14, west of Cameron Pass (Turville) last 4/12
American Three toed Woodpecker (1) --Ranger Lakes Campgrounds (Turville)
last 4/12

La Plata County
++++Wildcat Canyon (Rafter J)
Acorn Woodpecker (4) (Riley Morris) last 4/9

Mesa County
++++Brewster Ridge area
Gray Flycatcher (2) --bar x wash (Nic Korte) first 4/13
++++Colorado National Monument & Glade Park
Gray Flycatcher --Visitor's Center (Tom Johnson:Edward Brinkley) first
++++Kannah Creek Trail
Gray Flycatcher (Mark & Denise Vollmar) reported 4/12
++++Old Highway 6 & 50 area
Burrowing Owl (2) --CR 8 at Hwy 6 & 50 (Nic Korte) first 4/12
++++Cameo/Coal Canyon
Chukar (1) (Stevens:Baker/Stevens & all) (first 3/13) last 3/27
Black-throated Sparrow (Stevens & all) first 3/27
++++Grand Mesa (Hwy 65)
Boreal Owl --south of Spruce Grove Campgrounds (Stevens:Baker/CoBus
Group) (first 3/13) last 3/26
American Three-toed Woodpecker --Powderhorn Ski Area (Stevens:Baker/CoBus
Group) (first 3/13) last 3/26
Northern Saw-whet Owl --old grand mesa road (Stevens:Baker) first 3/13
Northern Pygmy-Owl --Powderhorn Ski Area (Stevens:Baker) first 3/13

Montrose County
++++Otter Pond Map
Greater Scaup (2) (Betty Fenton) (first 3/31) 3; last 4/14
++++Airport Lake Area
Gray Flycatcher --Rose Garden (Coen Dexter:Brenda Wright) (first 4/10)
last 4/13
++++Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park
Dusky Grouse (Stevens:Baker/CoBus Group) --east/Campgrounds (first 3/12)
last 3/27

Routt County
++++Twenty Road Leks
Sharp-tailed Grouse (2) (Richard Stevens:Jan Baker/CoBus Group) (first
3/15) last 3/26

San Miguel County
++++Telluride Ski Area
Rosy Finches (24, no Brown-capped) --Mountain Village (Edward
Brinkley:Tom Johnson) last 4/11

Good birding!

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