Date: 4/9/19 8:15 pm
From: Brian Fitch <fogeggs...>
Subject: [SFBirds] Sutro: Sabine's Etc.
I did a sea watch from 7-9 this morning at the Sutro Baths. Common Murre
numbers were very high, with a probable minimum of 20,000, most heading
north, but many on the water or swirling around in other directions. One
group of three Red-necked Phalaropes flew by northbound, and around 8:55,
a/the Sabine's Gull flew out of the Golden Gate and out to sea, trending
southwest. If it was the bird that Peter discovered last week, then it's
flight strength suggests a return to some health, though the strong winds
could have moved a different individual inshore. Two Humpbacks were much
earlier than I recall seeing them in SF, and they spent the first hour
feeding halfway to the horizon.

Around 8:30, a small shorebird flew by quite close, in full light, and just
above eye level. It was roughly Sanderling sized, with a weak wing stripe,
a perfectly straight black bill, no clear supercilium, a greyish-tan wash
over the head and upper breast, gray-brown mantle with no rufous or other
notable marks, and a dark central tail stripe like many Calidris have. It
appeared to be a basic plumaged Baird's. After spending some time with
multiple references, and ignoring the apparent size, the straight bill
rules out most of the similar Calidris, the tail pattern excludes others,
and the lack of a notable supercilium removes Semipalmated Sandpiper from
the running. I'm aware that such an occurrence would be quite rare in
spring on the West Coast, and while also being early, it doesn't seem to be

Brian Fitch

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