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Subject: [CT Birds] Caterpillars Count! April 3 informational webinar
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The following project is another timely attempt to estimate if different
birds and their food/prey items (including caterpillars of butterflies and
other insects) are changing the timing of their reproductive seasonal
cycles (aka Phenology).
Tom Robben.

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Subject: Fw: Caterpillars Count! informational webinar, Apr 3
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Hi Tom,
This might be of interest to some CT birders. Just passing along
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*Subject:* [citsci-discussion-l] Caterpillars Count! informational webinar,
Apr 3

Greetings fellow citizen scientists, educators, and bird and lepidoptera

*Caterpillars Count!* <> is a citizen
science project in which participants collect data to measure the seasonal
variation and abundance of arthropods like caterpillars, beetles, and
spiders found on the leaves of trees and shrubs in an effort to answer
important questions about patterns of food availability for birds and
insect trends more generally. Researchers are using the data collected
in *Caterpillars
Count!* to help determine if plants, insects and birds are all responding
to ongoing changes in climate to the same degree.

We are actively seeking new partners to start up *Caterpillars Count! *survey
sites for the 2019 spring and summer and beyond. *Join our free webinar to
learn more* about starting up your own *Caterpillars Count!* site for 2019!

WHEN: Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 12:30 – 1:30 pm EDT


· For select sites, there may be up to *$500 available to support
staff time *needed to implement *Caterpillars Count!*

· In addition, a limited number of participating sites will be
selected for a visit from the project team and *an opportunity to host
a* *train-the-trainer
workshop for your region*.

*Have more questions?* Feel free to contact us at:
*Email: *<caterpillarscount...>
*Phone: *919-966-0895 (Sarah Yelton, Project Coordinator)

Please also consider forwarding this email along to any friends, colleagues
or local groups you think may be interested in *Caterpillars Count!*

Yours in Citizen Science,

*The Caterpillars Count! Team*


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