Date: 3/14/19 1:29 pm
From: Stephen Mirick <smirick...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Great Bay Access - CLARIFICATION and list from this afternoon
Just to clarify/expand on Susan Wrisley's post from earlier today.

The access to Great Bay off Osprey Cove Road she is talking about is
from Conservation Land at Brackett's Point.  It is NOT the short
"resident access" path close to the water on Osprey Cove, nor is it from
Brackett's Point Road (cottages) off Great Bay Road further to the
east.  Both of these locations are Private Property.  Stay out of these

This public access land Susan is talking about can be a spectacular
location for seeing ducks on Great Bay, but a spotting scope is
absolutely essential and a short walk is required.  I am not aware of
any name for this public access property.  For now I am calling it
"Brackett's Point Conservation Land" unless/until someone corrects me.

Parking is from a small gravel parking lot (currently covered with snow)
near a cemetery (didn't note street number....see map) off Osprey Cove
Road in Greenland.  Signs are not terribly obvious, but they are present
which show that this is public access property. From the parking lot you
walk along a poorly maintained foot trail crossing an overgrown pasture
field to access Brackett's Point, where there are tall White Pine
trees.  It is about a 5 to 10 minute walk which is currently not too
difficult since there is only a small amount of snow and it is currently
well packed.  Please see the map below for more specifics.  And below is
my list from this property this afternoon.


Bird List from today
Canada Goose  200     Likely an undercount, but not huge numbers on bay
this afternoon.
American Wigeon  6
Mallard  1
American Black Duck  14  Likely an undercount.  Distant birds hard to
pick out.
CANVASBACK  2     Female and male.
REDHEAD  2     Males.
Ring-necked Duck  1     Male.
Greater Scaup  2,000     Rough ballpark. Biggest concentration was to
the east, but several hundred more toward the west.  Possibly a Lesser
Scaup or two.
Bufflehead  14
Common Goldeneye  180     Likely an undercount.  No obvious Barrow's
noted, but I could have easily missed one.
Hooded Merganser  2
Common Merganser  15
Red-breasted Merganser  38
Horned Grebe  1     Continuing. Uncommon for date.
Ring-billed Gull  20
Herring Gull  1
Great Black-backed Gull  1
Great Blue Heron  1     Spring migrant.
Bald Eagle  4     2 adults perched in tree at Woodmans Point. 2 more
immatures on flats.  At least 6 total on the bay, but NO GOLDEN! :-(
Red-shouldered Hawk  1     Immature perched in tree.  Photographed.
Surprised to see this.
Red-tailed Hawk  1
Red-bellied Woodpecker  1
Blue Jay  7
American Crow  3
Black-capped Chickadee  1
Northern Mockingbird  1
Northern Cardinal  1

Steve Mirick
Bradford, MA

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