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Definitely not a mourning dove. We have tons of them around, the sound is nothing like them. Years ago Andy Mason was here walking some of my land with me and we heard this same bird call, and at the time I said Turkey, there’s a turkey. Andy said No, that’s a cuckoo. Again, this morning, when I first heard this call I said to myself Turkey. Then I paid attention to habitat and exactly where this sound was coming from, and was sure it must be a cuckoo, not a turkey. There are turkeys out at the neighbors’ field that they spread manure on. Sometimes they are in another nearby field, but this sound was much closer than that, and given that I could “see” where the sound was coming from I would have seen a turkey were it a turkey. I listened to the call on Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology, and the call they give for the black billed cuckoo is exactly what I heard. And it’s not like I heard it for a few minutes. This went on, and on, and on. For a half hour or more.

I’m near this location every day taking my dog for a walk, so I will try really hard to get a visual if I hear it again.

Dorian Huneke


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Black-billed Cuckoo is a long-distance migrant, wintering in South America. Their migration north is triggered by day-length, not weather conditions in North America. I think it safe to say that a cuckoo in New York State at this time of the year is beyond extraordinary.

It is early for Least Bittern, so perhaps you were hearing a Mourning Dove?


Steve M. Chorvas
Saugerties, NY

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Large flocks of RWBs were up at the barn this morning, and many robins were flitting about on the open grassy areas. I saw my first flock of geese yesterday morning when I went to see the eagles, and this morning there have already been more than a dozen flocks passing overhead. Saw the adult red tailed hawk a number of times this morning. They are most liking nest building by now, and should be sitting on eggs by the end of the month.

Oh, there is a black-billed cuckoo calling endlessly in the brush near the creek. I had my field glasses with me, but I could not spot this bird. If I got too close it got quiet, resumed if I was very quiet for a few minutes, but I still couldn't pin point what shrub it was in, and saw no movement.. Definitely the black-billed cuckoo, though.. The only movement I did see in that brushy area were juncos scurrying about.

Dorian Huneke


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