Date: 3/14/19 9:00 am
From: Edge Wade <edgew...>
Subject: Catching up on a windy day
’Tis an ill wind that blows nobody any good. Someone profits by every loss; someone is benefited by every misfortune.
Brewer, E. Cobham. Dictionary of Phrase & Fable

Today is one of those blustery days March is known for. As this day's wind ushers in the ides, let us hope that it also ushers in an example of the adage "March comes in like a lion, out like a lamb"

My second cup of coffee today, as I watched the feeders dance and the birds cling to them, was to be spent catching up on things neglected during my hiatus from Missouri winter this past month. I got only as far as The Rectrix, the seasonal newsletter of the Missouri River Bird Obaervatory, February 2019 issue.

This issue is dedicated to presenting the photos submitted to the annual MRBO contest. 136 entries by 42 photographers are featured. And what gems they are!

A special treat was the realization that I've been privileged to bird with several of the photographers and recognize the names of many more as frequent contributors to MOBIRDS and eBird. I'd have been hard-pressed to rank the photos, but have no trouble appreciating the comments submitted with many of them that discuss the concern for the decline in the species and/or the habitats they need.

Birding caps off to MRBO and the photo-birders for a fine set of pix, and for all that is being done to address the status and conditions affecting the birds of Missouri.

If you aren't familiar with MRBO, check out their webpage:

ASM continues to partner with MRBO on several projects. MRBO is a unique entity in Missouri. Birders who join and/or support their bird research and education efforts are benefiting the future of Missouri bird species.

Edge Wade
ASM Conservation Partnerships Coordinator

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