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From: Burke Angstman <bangstman...>
Subject: [cobirds] Colorado Rare Bird Alert for Thursday, March 14

Thursday, March 14, 2019
Compiler: Burke Angstman
Phone: (303) 984-4963
E-mail: RBA AT

This is the Colorado Rare Bird Alert for March 14 sponsored by Denver Field

Note: formatting of report might be off due to internet being down
(blizzard). Needed to use phone instead of laptop to prepare Cobirds post.

Observers have been diligent in reporting sightings and updates on CoBirds.
CAPITAL LETTERS are used for very rare species, as listed by the Colorado
Bird Records Committee.

(*) indicates new information on this species.

Rare, out of place and out of season species include:

Ross's Goose (Jefferson, *Arapahoe)
Trumpeter Swan (*Mesa, Pueblo)
Tundra Swan (Broomfield, Mesa, Weld)
Black Scoter (Pueblo)
Long-tailed Duck (Fremont, Larimer)
Glaucous-winged Gull (Pueblo)
Great Black-backed Gull (Weld)
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (Larimer)
Varied Thrush (*Boulder)
Bohemian Waxwing (Larimer)
Mixed Rosy-Finch flock (Jefferson)
Field Sparrow (*El Paso)
Fox Sparrow (Red) (Jefferson)
Northern Cardinal (Larimer)
Rusty Blackbird (Denver, Arapahoe)

Gull species: Several winter/early spring gulls are being seen, primarily
in Pueblo, Larimer, Chaffee, Arapahoe and Adams Counties, e.g., Iceland
(Thayer’s), Glaucous, Bonaparte’s, California, Ring-billed, Herring, Lesser
Black-backed, and Great Black-backed Gull.

For more information on these gulls, as well as other birds not on this RBA
list, please check, scroll down to the very bottom “Bird Trax”
and click on “sightings”. It should list all birds reported on e-bird, but
seems to be on the fritz the past few days.

—On March 13 (2) Ross's Geese were reported near West Coal Mine Ave and
Platte Canyon Road by David Suddjian.
—On March 12 (2) Rusty Blackbirds were reported at Cherry Creek SP by
Edward Donnan.

—On March 10 (2) Tundra Swans were reported at Plaster Reservoir by Chipper

—On March 13 a Varied Thrush was reported on Bosque Ct in Boulder. First
reported on Jan 23 by Ernest Crvich.

—On March 8 (3) Rusty Blackbirds were reported at First Creek at Denver
Open Space. First report in January.

—On March 13 the overwintering Field Sparrow continues at Red Rock Canyon
Open Space.

—On March 11 (2) Long-tailed Ducks were reported at Blue Heron Ponds on Hwy
115. First reported on March 6 by Rich Miller.

—On March 12 a Ross's Goose was reported at Rocky Mountain Deaf School
(RMDS) and adjacent fields by Michael Lester.
—On March 8 the overwintering Fox Sparrow (Red) continues at Red Rock
Trading Post.
—There has been a mixed flock of Rosy Finches in Golden visiting the
feeders at the home of Kirsten Witherell. To see them please text her at
720-372-0833. If she is not home you may go around the back gate. Be sure
you have the correct address- 19540 W 55th Place, Golden (inside Table Rock
Community). The birds have been seen most days this winter, most prominent
on colder days. Approx. 35 Black Rosy-Finches reported on Feb 6.

—On March 10 a Bohemian Waxwing was reported as heard only from Power Trail
by Adrian Strong.
—On March 12 Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers that have wintered at Grandview
Cemetery were seen again. Both male and female have been reported - see
CoBirds post by John Shenot.
—On March 8 a Long-tailed Duck was reported at Fossil Creek Reservoir &
Regional Open Space. First reported on Feb 16 by David Farmer.
—On March 8 there has been a (f) Northern Cardinal visiting the feeders at
the home of Steve Martin SW of Wellington since July.
Email for current status and directions: falconridge AT

—On March 10 (3) Trumpeter Swans were reported from Canyon View Park (I-70
& 24 Rd) in Grand Junction by Mike Henwood.
—On March 13 (2) Trumpeter Swans & (2) Tundra Swans were reported at
Highline Lake State Park. First reported on Feb 9 by Glenn Pearson.

—On March 8 a Black Scoter was reported by Al Garner at Pueblo SWA--Turkey
—On March 9 (2) Glaucous-winged Gull was reported at Pueblo
Reservoir--South Marina area. First reported on Feb 1 by David Tonnesson.
—On March 9 (2) Trumpeter Swans were reported at Valco Ponds SWA. There
have been 1-2 Swans reported over the past few weeks, moving between
locations at Pueblo Reservoir, the Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo, Rock
Canyon Rd. in Pueblo, Mosquito Alley, and Valco Ponds SWA.
—Note, a Great Black-backed Gull, “Murray”, is often reported at Pueblo
Reservoir, where it has wintered for many years.

—On March 12 (3) Tundra Swans were reported at Cozzens Lake by Steve
Mlodinow and Scott Somershoe.
—On March 9 a Great Black-backed Gull was reported by Bruce Snyder at Weld
CR 3.25 and WCR 16.5.

Upcoming DFO Field Trips...trip details on

Staunton State Park (Jefferson County)
Saturday, March 16
8:00 AM -3:00 PM
Mark Amershek (E-mail: mamershek AT; 303-329-8646)

First Creek Open Space
Sunday, March 17
7:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Patrick O’Driscoll (E-mail: Patodrisk AT; 303-885-6955)

South-Central Colorado
Monday, March 18
5:00 AM - 7:00 PM
David Suddjian (E-mail: dsuddjian AT; 831-713 8659)

Broomfield County
Tuesday, March 19
7:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Dale Pale (E-Mail: dalelpate AT; 575-706-4584)

Wray Chamber Greater Prairie-Chicken
Saturday - Sunday, March 23-24
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Gregg Goodrich (E-mail: GreggGoodrich AT; 303-655-9135)

Canon City
Sunday, March 24
6:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Mark Amershek (E-mail: mamershek AT; 303-329-8646)

Southeastern Colorado
Monday, March 25
4:30 AM - 7:00 PM
David Suddjian (E-mail: dsuddjian AT; 831-713-8659)

Fountain Park Regional Park (El Paso County)
Sunday, March 31
6:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Diane Roberts (E-mail: Samantha576 AT; 720-278-9025)

Denver City Park (Denver City County)
Sunday, March 31
7:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Patrick O’Driscoll (E-mail: Patodrisk AT; 303-885-6955)

Good Birding,
Burke Angstman
Lakewood, CO

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