Date: 2/11/19 3:39 pm
From: Thomas W. Reed <coturnicops...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Gyrfalcon continues, Cape May Co. (Mon. PM)
The Gyrfalcon remained at Nummy Island through the afternoon, eventually
flying off toward the west at 4:38pm (about 20 minutes earlier than its
departure on Sunday when skies were clear). It apparently did not move from
"the" Osprey platform between 9am and the time of its evening exit. This
particular platform is beyond the curve and on the north/west side of the
road, near some dock debris in the marsh.

Some additional notes--
1) For those unfamiliar with the area, Nummy Island is the
saltmarsh/causeway that runs between North Wildwood and Stone Harbor. A
google search of Nummy Island will provide resources and directions for
getting there. Apologies for not making this clear in earlier messages.

2) Safety reminder: again, the speed limit here is 50mph. Please pull well
off the roadway when parking, be extremely careful if walking across the
road, and be mindful of traffic when leaving. We've seen a few close
calls-- some folks walking out in front of fast-moving traffic, others
pulling U-turns on the curve. PLEASE play it safe.

The weather again looks poor for Tuesday, with a lot of rain (but no snow
or ice locally). We'll provide a couple updates here tomorrow, with
additional reports at CMBO's Twitter account (@cmbobirds). Thanks to
everyone who provided information through the day.


Tom Reed
Reed's Beach NJ

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