Date: 2/11/19 11:43 am
From: Elisa Henderson <ehend004...>
Subject: OK Hummingbird Sampling
Hello Oklahoma Birders,

My name is Elisa Henderson and I am a PhD student at the University of
California, Riverside. I am currently working with Dr. Chris Clark and Dr.
Alan Brelsford on some hummingbird projects. I am very interested in
sampling the Black-chinned/Ruby-throated hummingbird range of overlap in
Oklahoma in the hopes of finding hybrids. My main interests are in using
genomics to understand the extent of hybridization and using hybrid systems
to investigate the underlying genetics of species diagnostic traits (such
as differences in structural colors of the gorget). I am currently looking
for sampling sites where both species can be found and where there is a
possibility of finding hybrids. Locations where hummingbird feeders are
already hung up are preferable. If anyone has information about locating
hybrids or contacts for good sampling sites, I would really appreciate your
input. I am hoping to make a sampling trip this year sometime in early May.
My sampling process includes banding, taking blood samples by clipping a
toenail, and taking standard measurements. Again, any help would be greatly


Elisa C. Henderson


Elisa C. Henderson
*PhD Student*
*Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology*
*University of California, Riverside*
*Brelsford Lab*
*<ehend004...> <ehend004...>*

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