Date: 2/11/19 9:19 am
From: Gary Edwards <gedwards...>
Subject: WRS Forest County
Winter Raptor Survey

West Forest, Route #271, Forest County

Sunday 2/10/2019

Observers: Gary Edwards, Michael Leahy, Jeffrey Hall

Start time: 10:30, Stop time: 13:30
Elapsed time: 3 hours
Miles on Route: 63 miles
Weather: cloudy
Snow cover: dusting
Temp: start-19, end 28
Wind: slight

12 total raptors

6 Red-tails
1 Red-shouldered
1 American Kestrel (Und)
2 Bald Eagle (Adult)
2 Rough-legs, 1 light, 1 dark

Others of note:
~35 black ducks in a group on the Allegheny river
24 turkeys
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