Date: 2/10/19 11:52 pm
From: Sulli Gibson <sulli.gibson...> [AKBirding] <AKBirding-noreply...>
Subject: [AK Birding] Anchorage area, 2/10
Ben Lagasse and I went on a lengthy tour of Anchorage for the majority of
the day today. We mainly checked different neighborhoods for fruit-eating
birds and finches (Government Hill, Jewel Lake, etc.) as well as several
open water spots for waterfowl (many Ship and Chester Creek locations and
Cuddy Pond). I can't say we found anything new and exciting, but our
highlights follow.

The two WILSON'S SNIPE continue at the settling pond by Overlook Park along
with the female GREEN-WINGED TEAL. The snipe were flushed from the mucky
east end of the settling pond, although I did not encounter them there on
2/7. The female BARROW'S GOLDENEYE is still around at Spenard Crossing and
we also had a few PINE SISKINs fly over in the adjacent birdy neighborhood
(near Bunker and W 19th). Lastly, the two NORTHERN HAWK OWLs also continue
at their respective winter territories (Lake Hood Drive and Helio Place
near the airport and Southport Park). They seem quite faithful to these two
relatively small areas.

Sulli Gibson
Anchorage, Alaska

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