Date: 2/10/19 7:59 pm
From: Ted Floyd <tedfloyd57...>
Subject: [cobirds] Baca, Prowers, Kiowa counties, Feb. 8-10
Hey, all.

With Hannah Floyd and Andrew Floyd, I had a splendid time with the High
Plains Snow Goose Festival, based out of Lamar, Prowers County, the past
few days. Highlights for Hannah and Andrew and me were:

Fri., Feb. 8, "The Black Hole," Two Buttes State Wildlife Area, Baca
County. 8 *greater white-fronted geese* and 1 *yellow-headed blackbird.*
Wind chill well below zero, but most in our group made it out alive.

Fri., Feb. 8, Turks Pond State Wildlife Area & vicinity, Baca County. A *McCown
longspur* mixed in with hundreds of *Lapland longspurs.* It was warmer here
than it was down in The Black Hole, but it was, believe it or not, even
windier. Couldn't get close to the pond (closed to all human activity), but
we saw several flocks of drake *northern pintails* on the wing.

Fri., Feb. 8, Rocking 7K Ranch, Prowers County. The first bird the group
saw was a *greater roadrunner* scampering across the front yard, and the
last birds we saw were *wild turkeys* in the exact same spot. In between,
it was terribly windy, but we did see 30+ *mountain bluebirds* hunting for
terrestrial caterpillars, a wind-tossed *curve-billed thrasher,* and
several *ferruginous hawks.*

Sat., Feb. 9, Lamar Community College, Prowers County. Made several visits,
with Tony Leukering and Tim Smart and with Hannah Floyd, to this ever-birdy
spot. 1 *Carolina nuthatch,* 3 *marsh wrens,* 1 *Townsend solitaire,* 1 *hermit
thrush,* 1 *white-throated sparrow,* 1 *swamp sparrow,* 1 *myrtle warbler,* and
5 *northern cardinals.*

Sat., Feb. 9, Willow Valley subdivision, Prowers County. At the
intersection of Willow Valley Way & Willow Valley Way, Hannah Floyd and I
counted at least 16 *white-winged doves.* This intersection is one block
east of the intersection of Willow Valley Way & Willow Valley Way, and it
is one block south of the intersection of Willow Valley Way & Willow Valley

Sat., Feb. 9, Big R of Lamar, Prowers County. With Hannah Floyd, 75 *great-tailed
grackles* caterwauling in the strong afternoon wind.

Sun., Feb. 10, Thurston Reservoir, Prowers County. A chatterbox *marsh wren*
was a crowd pleaser.

Sun., Feb, 10, King Reservoir, Kiowa County. Two *golden eagles* perched,
soaring, and even hopping around on the ground. The shallow water here was
frozen; looks like the site could be excellent for spring sandpipers.

Sun., Feb. 10, Upper Queen Reservoir, a.k.a. Neeskah Reservoir, Kiowa
County. We listened to and watched a steady progression of southbound (um?) *snow
geese,* the whole time we were there. Several thousand birds. An adult
female *rough-legged hawk* put in an appearance here too. And we saw a
swift fox.

Sun., Feb. 10, Neegronda Reservoir, Kiowa County. 1 first-cycle *lesser
black-backed gull* and 3 wayward *pine siskins. *A robber fly, perhaps in
the genus *Efferia*, was nice.

Sun., Feb. 10, Neenoshe Reservoir, Kiowa County. At least 20+ *bald eagles,* plus
counts of *mallards, common goldeneyes,* and *common goldeneyes* that blew
the eBIrd filter limits to smithereens.

Thanks to the organizers of the 18th annual High Plains Snow Goose Festival
for the fun-filled weekend, and thanks especially to the hearty field trip
participants for all their mirth and jollity in the face of the unrelenting

Ted Floyd
Lafayette, Boulder County

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