Date: 2/10/19 6:37 pm
From: Robin and Daniel Zmoda <robinanddanielz...>
Subject: Northampton East WRS
County-Northampton rt # 483
Date- 2-10-19
Observers-Dan Zmoda, Doug Burton
Time on Route-3 hr 00 min
Miles on Route-38.5

#TVs- 44
#BVs- 13

#Harriers (Male/Female/Imm.)- 0

#Red-tails (Ad./Imm./ND)- 6/2/13 21 total

#Rough-legs (Light/Dark)- 0

#Kestrels (M/F/ND)- 0/2/0 2 total

Sharp-shins(Ad/Imm)- 0/0/1 1 not determined

Cooper's (Ad/Imm.)- 0

Red-shouldered hawks (Ad/Imm.)- 0

Bald Eagles (Ad./Imm.)- 4/2 6 total

other raptors- 1 unid

Shrikes or Owls- 0

Avg Temperature- 24-31 27.5 avg
Sky(Clear/ Pt cloudy/ Cloudy)- clkear to start, partly cloudy and hazy at
Wind (light/medium/strong)- light
Avg Snow Cover- none

Other birds of note- 2 Horned Larks. 6 Buffleheads, 12 Common Mergansers,
many Snow Geese, one Scaup sp.

Year 10 for this route after taking over for Dave Brandes.

redtails were a bit below average of 23, but half our high of 45.

Eagles beat our high of 4 and tvs continue their upswing. BVs dropped to
more normal numbers since last year's high of 34. Two kestrels were about
normal and will be sent to PA farmlands along with one seen on the way to
the start area.

Dan Zmoda

Pen Argyl
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