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Good to know. Thanks Noah.


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When I saw them in Jan. 2015, I didn’t see or hear anything until when they seemed to fly in just before sunset, and then they were quite active, a flock of about 15 flying from place to place nervously but actively foraging on the slopes.

BTW, rosy-finch seekers should keep in mind that Scott’s Bluff is a National Park and therefore it will be CLOSED during the upcoming federal government shutdown.


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I think Sam’s onto something here. In Steve’s and my experience, the birds arrive at roost sites mid-afternoon, circle around a bit then dive into roost crannies or Cliff Swallow nests as at the Henry Rd site, and essentially disappear. I’m wondering if the sightings later in the day are the result of disturbance either by monument visitors or birders.


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I would assume their behavior changes slightly from day to day, and I'm not totally sure people's behavior would deter them from coming to Scotts Bluff National Monument. My father, brother, and I had a group of approximately 100 fly into the monument at 2:30 PM in December 2012.

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