Date: 2/10/19 6:21 pm
From: Al Eisner via Groups.Io <eisner=<SLAC.Stanford.EDU...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Alviso Cackling Geese
I spent about 40 minutes or so this afternoon (feb. 10) checking the
fields in Alviso from various vantage points (Disk Drive, Los Esteros,
the church parking lot). There were groups of Canada's, but I didn't
find the Cackling Geese. But a little later (similar to Bill's recent
experience), at 3:40 PM, the flock of 14 CACKLING GEESE had appeared
close to the road at the end of Disk Drive (where it makes a 90-degree
left turn to Grand). I am inclined to call these Aleutian: most (all
I could see well) had a prominent white collar in front, and I didn't
think they were particularly dark below. I found it hard to tell
much from bill shape/size. The birds did look fairly small compared
to adjacent Canada's. (Has it occurred to anyone that maybe the
local Canada's are getting bigger? No? But perhaps our
perspective is influenced by the fact that the birds were mostly
standing in grass, so a smaller fraction of a Cackling was visible.)

Al Eisner

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