Date: 2/10/19 6:03 pm
From: <chasingthewildoutdoors...> [MOB-Montana] <MOB-Montana...>
Subject: [MOB-Montana] Sunday drive north of Columbus

I was able to get out of the house and hit the North Stillwater County in hopes of finding a Snow Bunting. No avail, however, it was a day for the Northern Harrier...
Columbus-Molt Road (21 miles): Northern Harrier - 9
Bald Eagle- 4
Mag Pie- 1
Golden Eagle-1

Horned Lark- 1
Wheat Basin Road (7 miles): Northern Harrier-7 (most along the CRP near Big Lake)
Horned Lark- 26 mix of males and females
Common Raven- 3

Rapelje-Molt Road (12 miles): Northern Harrier 17 ( 8 were in just over 2 miles along a CRP field)
Horned Lark- 6
Hailstone Basin Road (7 miles): Northern Harrier- 4
Hogland Road- (8 miles): Horned Lark-45
Pheasant- 4
Northern Harrier-1
Big Coulee Road (10 miles): Bald Ealge-1

Rapelje Road (23 miles) Northern Harrier-8
Wild Turkey- 18

Not a great day for multiple species, but still nice to be out and about. Average Temp -8 F, snowpacked roads


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