Date: 2/10/19 5:51 pm
From: Cliff Cook <ccook13...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Moose Hill Red Crossbills and Lake Massapoag Barrow's Goldeneye
After reading Liam Water's article about Where to Go Birding in Sharon in
the latest issue of Bird Observer I decided a visit to Sharon was long
overdue. I spent the morning at Mass Audubon's Moose Hill sanctuary. I was
hoping to find Red Crossbills and was not disappointed.Two were calling at
the main parking lot when I arrived. They were only present breifly and I
was unable either to get on those birds or to record them but they seemed
to have very different calls. Around 12:30 I tracked down a group of at
least 14 at the intersection of the Pepperbush and Vernal Pool Trails
farthest from nature center parking lot. They were down Pepperbush 100
yards and off to the right in a group of red pines. I was able to record
this group and will upload a recording to eBird. Other interesting
sightings included a distant calling Raven, a close view of a female
Piliated Woodpecker and exactly 100 Red Breasted Nuthatches.

From Moose Hill I went over to the north end of Lake Massapoag. There was
a male Barrow's Goldeneye present not too far off the beach along with
several Common's. One of the females might have been a Barrow's. It was
associating closely with the male Barrow's nearby and not with the Common
Goldeneyes. The bill on this bird had a fair amount of yellow,
particularly on the upper mandible. The head shape appeared a bit more
like the Barrow's than the Common. Could be good for someone else to take
a close look if the bird remains in the area. Two Lesser Scaup were also
present. From hers I checked out a could other spots - Farnham Street and
Ward's Farm fields. There was a Raven calling at Farnham Street and
several Bluebirds at Wards. I then returned to Lake Massapoag, hoping to
see a rare gull appear. Alsas, that was not to be today but two Pine
Siskins few over and a few more ducks drifted in.

Cliff Cook

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