Date: 2/10/19 5:10 pm
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Subject: [cobirders] Colorado County Bird Checklists
Hello birders in Colorado,

We hope birders will utilize the many birding tools in Colorado whether it
is the Colorado Field Ornithologists' website, the Denver Field
Ornithologist's website, eBird, or the face book groups. We of course
believe that the Colorado Birding Society's website to be the best and most

Our website is the home of the original Colorado County bird site. After
last night's Colorado Bird Records Board meeting Richard Stevens and I
updated the Official Historic Colorado State Bird Checklist and County

Our County lists are presently up to date. Specific modifications will be
listed in March's "Colorado Field Notes".

There seems to be the misconception that birders have to use the CFO
website and eBird to get "Official" records and sightings. The Colorado
Birding Society has maintained the most all-encompassing Colorado lists for
over twenty years now.

We receive and seek out more bird reports and sightings than any other
Colorado group. Please continue to report and use our fantastic source

As a note to whoever maintains the CFO County lists. During our update
Richard and I discovered the following facts about their lists:

About half a dozen CFO county lists have fewer birds listed than the number
listed as the total

Over seventeen CFO county lists have half a dozen or more missing birds.
Some of these birds are very common

Over eight County lists are missing ten or more birds, several of which are
very common

The Colorado Birding Society's Colorado Historical Bird Checklist stands at
510 species.

Thanks for all the contributions and Good Birding!

Terry Michaels, President, Colorado Birding Society
Centennial, CO
Contact CoBus/Report Interesting Birds: 303-324-7994
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