Date: 2/10/19 3:50 pm
From: Dan Bogler <danbogler...>
Subject: Movies and Birds
I always get a kick out of things I see in movies that just aren't
realistic. Like the good guys always jacking a shell into a pump shotgun
right before they take on the bad guy

Or the cowboys that shoot a dozen times with a 6 shot revolver without

But it doesn't stop there.They have now stepped over the bounds of what is
acceptable. I imagine we all have our favorite bird boo-boos in a movie.
This weekend I watched "Dancing with Wolves" and there is one scene where
Kevin Costner is inside of what remains of an old military post. And a
Eurasian Dove lands next to him.

An Eurasian Dove in the western United States in the late 1800's'? I don't
think so !

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